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Faux Tattoo Stencils is the personal expression of artist Grace Xanadu Lovejoy. Grace is a fine artist, a graphic artist, a makeup artist, an airbrush artist, and a Hollywood special effects pioneer. This site was born out of her desire to pass on many of the methods, tools, and techniques she’s developed out of necessity over the past decade to other artists worldwide so they too can create hyper-realistic temporary airbrush tattoos that fool the eye (and the camera lens) into believing they’re looking at a real tattoo. Her mission is to empower others to take the tools and knowledge she has developed and thrive as artists and creators – both financially and artistically.


Tropical Medley Floral Airbrush Tattoo Stencil Set

Grace has single handedly designed and developed a collection of over 3,000 unique temporary tattoo stencils that span all periods and genres of tattoo art and tattoo history. Her collection is a direct reflection of her success as a sought-after FX tattoo artist by major film, television, and music video productions around the world. She is one of the only artists capable of, for instance, reproducing the full body tattoos of well-known celebrities on their body doubles. From Chris Brown to Zane Malik to A$AP Rocky to Tupac Shakur, Grace has meticulously reproduced their tattoos and applied them in record time and with jaw-dropping results. She’s also developed original tattoo art for characters in film and television for directors such as Sam Levinson (Euphoria S2, E1) and Lena Dunham (Sharp Stick 2022). She’s done commercials for brands such as Taco Bell, Oreo Cookies, Panera, Adidas/Footlocker, Squarespace, Popeye’s, and Lowe’s just to name a few.

ASAP Rocky Dazed
ASAP Rocky Dazed
Badass Granny Euphoria Season
Badass Granny Euphoria Season
You Need To Calm Down Behind The Scenes Morning Routine YouTube
You Need To Calm Down Behind The Scenes Morning Routine YouTube
This stencil collection is a representation of Grace’s work over the last decade.

Over the last 10 years Grace has created tattoos for HBO’s Euphoria, music videos with Pop Star Taylor Swift, Jaden Smith, Zayn, Chris Brown as well as Justin Combs, Fashion Magazines such as Dazed & Confused and many other productions. She has also pioneered in the experiential events industry working with such companies as Refinery29’s 29Rooms, Citrix, Soap & Glory Cosmetics, NYX Cosmetics, Live Nation, Insomniac’s EDC Las Vegas, and many more creating a temporary tattoo experiences that are like none other ever created.

When the most successful pop artist alive needed a giant back piece for her award-winning music video, she came to Grace Lovejoy to get the job done! (Taylor Swift, “You Need to Calm Down”).

Refinery Demi Lovato Rooms Grace Lovejoy

Demi Lovato – Power Parlor

29 Rooms – Refinery 29

Aside from her many successes in Hollywood, Grace has also created and executed more experiential events tattoos for major corporations than anyone else in the business. The list of Fortune 100 corporations that have hired her company (Faux Tattoo Studios) is too long to list, but it all started back in 2012 with Dream Works. DreamWorks discovered Grace through the Hollywood grapevine and wound up using her and her team of airbrush makeup artists to celebrate the openings of each of their films over a period of years. The list includes The Croods, Home, How to Train Your Dragon (I & II), and Kung Foo Panda (I & II). From there she went on to help tech giants like Microsoft, Xbox, Magento, Autodesk and VMware as well as major consumer brands such as Clairol, Soap & Glory, Home Depot, PepsiCo, Pandora Music and Taco Bell market their latest products and services through experiential tattoos at major Expos and Music Festivals. Grace was also the creative mastermind behind Refinery 29’s Demi Lovato-inspired Power Parlor, where thousands of adults lined up for hours in three major American cities (LA, SF & Chicago) to experience Demi’s empowering tattoos on their bodies.