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It will always be our mission and our goal to always add awesome new faux tattoo stencils to our collection. We will create designs that that will inspire and empower you to create with the freedom of a fine artist, and the skill of a tattoo artist with the magic of special effects tattoo stencils. We’ll do the lines, all you need is an airbrush and your imagination!

We built the technology behind Faux Tattoo Stencils because we saw that the current way to create fake tattoos in the entertainment industry was antiquated and lacking creativity. We engineered a superior alternative to the usual fake looking transfer tattoo because we knew there was a better way- a more artistic and efficient way to get the job done- FASTER. We re-designed the airbrush tattoo stencil, deconstructed and improved the process for airbrush tattoos and invented a new way to apply the ultimate realistic faux tattoo.

Faux Tattoo Stencils is dedicated to the art of realistic production quality tattoos that are able to be applied efficiently and quickly. We will always curate and maintain our collection so that it continues to grow and form new resources for more and more uniques works of authentic skin art. From realistic tattoo stencil design to special effects application techniques, Faux Tattoo Stencils are the tools for a complete process and a new form of technology for realistically unreal tattoos.

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