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Airbrushing a Sailor Jerry Tattoo Sleeve

Sailoer Jerry Sleeve

Airbrushing a Sailor Jerry Tattoo Sleeve can be an impossible task or it can be instant gratification. It all depends on how you approach the job! When doing an airbrush sleeve using Faux Tattoo Stencils, we’re starting in a strong foot using actual tattoo art in the form of an airbrush tattoo stencil. We created […]

The Ultimate Constellations Airbrush Tattoo Set Arrives

cons set x e

Faux Tattoo Stencils Stops at Nothing We are relentless when it comes to design. We stop at nothing to create the most detailed stencils possible for the most believable airbrushed fx tattoos achievable. It takes a very detailed stencil to created the kind of lines that makes a “delicate” tattoo likeness. The bar has been […]

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