The Vaultz Locking Mobile Wheelie Chest

Protect your investment by storing and filing your stencils properly. Your stencils will be ready and at your fingertips whenever you need them. We recommend the Vaultz line of document cases to store and transport our collection. The look is professional, sleek and is sturdy enough to take a bump here and there. (These aren’t as strong as a DJ or Roadie Case, so keep that in mind).

This is the “Wheelie” version of the  larger selections in our recommended cases. It’s a great storage  option for makeup and body artists on the go.

This case does get 3.5 stars on Amazon, which is less than our usual recommendation rating. Our MUAs use this and their main note on this is that the luggage carrier style handle does seem less than sturdy at first. But after 6 solid years of use, we have only just replaced one of them. For that reason, we still recommend them for our customers to use as well.


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