Use Phoenician Secret Pure Awesome Airbrush Tattoo Ink To Create Authentic Looking Tattoos!

The Phoenicians were an ancient maritime trading culture spread throughout the Mediterranean during 1500 BC to 300 BC. They were a prosperous people, known for sailing as far as Northern Europe to trade their precious goods. The Phoenicians had a secret. It is called Tyrian purple. Tyrian purple was a violet-purple dye used by the Greek elite to color garments. No one else in the realm had the formula to create this precious, rare royal hue. The much sought after violet-purple dye was created from the shell of the Murex sea-snail. This made them nearly untouchable, too valuable to harm and always welcome at the courts of the very powerful.

Phoenician Secret is purple. We couldn’t help but be inspired by those clever Phoenicians. 😉 

  • Our inks come in a needle nose, no spill plastic bottle for ease for use
  • Made with FDA Cosmetic Grade ingredients
  • Made in the USA

A BIPOC-owned Business

Faux Tattoo Stencils Pure Awesome Ink Phoenician Secret oz
Phoenician Secret Pure Awesome Airbrush Tattoo Ink
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