Use Our Magic Sea Foam Pure Awesome Airbrush Tattoo Ink To Create Authentic Looking Tattoos!

One of our “Magic” shades, Magic Sea Foam, can only be described as magical because of the fantastic properties it offers to the artist. Because most of the colors we use are transparent, this can be a challenge when working with darker skin tones. When the skin tone is darker, there is less contrast making it tougher to see the pigments. Just like as in a watercolor painting, where the paper color is the background, the ink applied to a light toned skin works much the same way. In other words, colors function on skin like a pane of colored glass laid on paper. Light passes through the pigment which reflects back to the eye from the skin. That is what builds the colors of the fx tattoo. When the skin is darker, light does not easily pass through so it’s harder for the eye to register. For that reason, a “contrast or primer layer” must be formed in order for vivid colors to show properly on darker toned skin. When using one thin layer of 1 part Magic Sea Foam, and 1 part Magic Tattoo Elixir (it becomes nearly transparent in this mixture) before applying the desired color, it magically creates a barrier for light to bounce from, thus giving vibrant color intensity on darker skin! When used with other colors, it has the same vivid results as Magic Unicorn Blood. When used alone in layers, the hue of light blue/teal gives artist the luminous color desired for Neo Traditional and even Traditional styles.

  • Our inks come in a needle nose, no spill plastic bottle for ease for use
  • Made with FDA Cosmetic Grade ingredients
  • Made in the USA

A BIPOC-owned Business

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Faux Tattoo Stencils Pure Awesome Ink Magic Sea Foam oz
Magic Sea Foam Pure Awesome Airbrush Tattoo Ink
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