Libra Airbrush Tattoo Stencil Mini Set is Guaranteed to Impress!

Our Constellation Collection features a delicate, yet attractive design of the star constellations. With a generous size and included text tattoo design, the set offers great coverage and maximum usability. Use together or separate, alone, or with other tattoos! You can even try using the constellation or text tattoo design as filler with larger pieces such as sleeves.

Gemini Constellation design measures approx. 2.50″ x 4.25″

Overall stencil size 4″ x 6.5″.

Text design measures approx. 3.5″x .50″

Overall stencil size 2″ x 5.25″.

Note: Our stencils are specially lit to show their best features in photography. They are not pink & blue. Expect a clear, milky colored stencil

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Faux Tattoo Stencils Constellation Cons Libra
Libra Airbrush Tattoo Stencil Mini Set


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