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Why Invest in FTS Pro Stencil Sets?

When it comes to applying airbrush tattoos, whether it be in a party/entertainment setting, or catering to an individual, an actor or a production, it’s all about have a wide range of designs for selection. The artist, salon or parlor with the most designs wins the day. FTS Pro Stencil Sets make it easier to collect stencils that are relevant to each other, either by subject matter or by category or both. It also allows for an a la carte style of selecting the types of designs that are right for the situation, region or event.

For the pro makeup artist specifically, having an entire collection gives the power to be directly involved in the character development process, and doesn’t production always want plenty of variety to choose from when it comes to these things? (If we don’t have that particular design they need, you can always have it made custom- but that’s another post).

At Faux Tattoo stencils, we also understand the need to have flash displays of the design, just as real tattoo artists do.  Clients like the ability to choose from a book or display of designs. We find using flash displays as well as images of the actual tattoo helps them to visualize a piece before getting it. Investing in Pro Stencil Sets also makes up selling in the form of grouping pieces together easier. Our sets are serving suggestions of what works well together. They are carefully curated so they can be used together or mixed and matched. The power literally, is in your hands.

A Few Tips for Stencil Care & Maintenance

Keeping it All in Order

When it comes to storing stencils, it begins to get even more important when one invests in sets. Stencils should be filed in order of it’s inventory number. It’s why we etch it directly on each stencil, so it can be seen clearly and filed accordingly. When you reach for that stencil, you want it to be there. Clean and ready to give you the results you want and need. We also recommend the Vaultz Filing Case, to file in style. (We like the look of these because they match our other makeup cases).

Keeping it Clean

The second most important thing one will realize when building a stencil collection is stencil care and maintenance. It’s very important to clean each stencil after it has been used. We do this for several reasons-

  • Cross Contamination- Avoid it! You wouldn’t neglect your makeup brushes. To avoid germs and dirt build up, simply clean the ink side of the stencil with alcohol using a paper towel, and then the back side of the stencil using the alcohol (either 99% or Denatured) and a fresh paper towel, then toss them in the garbage. Avoid using cotton squares. Deep clean the adhesive on the back with Orange Oil after 4-5 uses. Treat your stencils like your most expensive brushes and they will serve you for years to come. 
  • When working with clients/customers/guests or talent, you must present a professional image. Using dirty stencils is unprofessional and frankly, it’s just gross. Don’t be lazy. FTS Stencils are engineered to clean easily. So keep them clean!
  • Storage is so much easier when your stencils are clean. Also, they are much easier to find quickly and efficiently when they are clean.
  • Last but not least, application is nearly impossible with dirty stencils. Our stencils are designed to be clear so that one can line things up properly and accurately. When a stencil is dirty, you can’t see where it’s supposed to be laid when airbrushing. Keep them clean and you won’t go wrong!

Want to learn even more?

Check out our FTS EDU and learn the exciting art of FTS FX Tattoos.


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